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Tocows rating and review

AIS Bloodays is an excellent family planning tool for women who prefer a natural approach to medicine and healing. It predicts ovulation and menstruation.

Easy-to-use tools factor individual physiological characteristics to determine the best days for conception. There are even tips for planning a particular gender and predicting PMS days.

Emoticon Rating

Bloodays is an interesting download that calculates a woman's menstrual cycle. Of course, you don't need a Windows program to do that, but it's a useful tool especially if you're planning to bring a child into the world. Bloodays will determine the day when you (or your significant other) are ovulating, thus boosting the chances for conception. It can also suggest the days that you could potentially conceive a boy or girl. In addition, Bloodays can calculate the child's birth date, and suggest days couples can mate when conception isn't likely to occur.

Bloodays is a simple program that's easy to use and understand. Its interface displays a multi-year calculator, which can be scrolled to any time period in the past, present and future. When you run it the first time, just click a date to set the first date of menstruation. The program then calculates ovulation and special gender dates. Use the same menu dialog to display the conception and birth prognosis. The calendar, including the color-coded analysis, may be printed.

Yippee Rating

Ok, the first impression you get from this software is..."This looks confusing". However, after playing around with it for a while, it seems to be quite useful. The function of this software is, first, to be able to plan for your period. Second, you can plan when to have sex to maximise your chances of having a baby. The whole year's calendar is shown on the screen where the dates are highlighted with colors or marks to show you the best day for a girl conception, or boy conception, even bad feeling days are shown. Of course every person has a different cycle behaviour but this should prove most useful. There is one feature though that might confuse you. Most of the days of the year is highlighted as 'free sex' day. Don't be fooled by this for it means there is an equal chance on getting a boy or girl!

Today we're going to look at a little download that might not seem important to you if you're a boy. But you need to get over that because a woman's cycle affects everybody around her (are we right?!).

Men and women should both be interested in this strange yet somewhat predictable cycle that we-re all a part of. Even your computer wants a piece of the action. That's why somebody over at AtomicInterSoft went and made a crazy calendar that can help you out re: that monthly visitor, the dangerous days, those free-for-all love days and the days you best get the hell out of dodge.

Take a look, make a date, don't be afraid. Mother nature doesn't take prisoners, but will kick your ass whenever the hell she wants to. It never hurts to try to prepare yourself.



ZDNet rating and review

Bloodays is an aid to menstrual cycle recording that can help in birth planning, contraception, and recording of your cycle. The program displays one full year at a time and allows for quick entry of a variety of events to calculate other outcomes. Enter the start date of a cycle along with the usual duration, then see the year at a glance so you can plan activities. If you are seeking to conceive, you can see the best dates for bearing a boy or a girl. Maybe you'd like to set a birthday: simply click then check back nine months to see the best days for conception to achieve that outcome. The program offers documentation and controls in several languages. Help describes the operations as well as the theory.

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